Amate 08

Amate 08


Hand-painted by master artisan, Javier Martínez Pedro in Xalitla, Guerrero, Mexico.

Measurements: 60 cm x 80 cm (23.6 in x 31.5 in)

Amate 08 (Horizontal // Azul // Blue)

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Materials: Acrylic paint on papel amate. Papel amate is produced by hand using bark from the ficus tree, which is then soaked and pounded into the final product: a textured paper with tones ranging from light to dark brown. This painting was hand-sourced in Mexico City from family members of Mr. Martínez Pedro.

The piece is shipped unframed. Because of the hand-made, artisanal nature of this piece, the measurements may vary slightly. Each piece is perfectly imperfect.

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