Amate 07

Amate 07


This painting was done by master artisan, Eduardo Martínez Díaz, in Xalitla, Guerrero, Mexico and reflects an entire village holiday scene, featuring harvest, feasts and celebrations.

Measurements: 40 cm x 60 cm (15.5 in x 23 in)

Material: Acrylic paint and ink on papel amate.

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This piece features what is quite literally the finest work of pen and ink on papel amate that we have ever seen. The entire piece took Mr. Martínez Díaz over one month to complete.

Papel amate is produced by hand using bark from the ficus tree, which is then soaked and pounded into the final product: a textured paper with tones ranging from light to dark brown. This painting was hand-sourced in Mexico City from family members of Mr. Martínez Díaz.

Fun fact! Eduardo Martínez Díaz is the son of Javier Martínez Pedro, the other master artisan featured in our store.

The piece is shipped unframed. Because of the hand-made, artisanal nature of this piece, the measurements may vary slightly. Each piece is perfectly imperfect.

Amate 07 (Blanco y Negro)